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We believe in an all-inclusive service approach
That's why we offer a full-suite of tech services to fulfil your needs

PC Tune-up Ticket

Your Operating System and Computer hardware are two separate entities. To reach their full potential your PC settings and performance need to be properly optimized

Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

We will provide both a thorough on-the-spot Virus and Malware scan and a full license to premium protective software

One Time Fix

A technician will diagnose and debug or repair any software related issue on your PC. As it pertains to Hardware the technician will direct you to the proper soloution

Internet Connection Repair

Your internet connection settings can sometimes get out of synch. We will optimize your connection to suit best your everyday needs

Files & Data Backup

We will help you backup or restore your files in a way that will enable you to transfer them to a new computer or keep them safe in case you need to restore your data

Browser AdWare Clean

Does your browser pop-up never-ending tedious ads? Your browser is probably infected with Adware. We will make sure all of it is permanently removed

Premium PC Tech Has Flexible Plans and Prices

Your PC contains valuable irreplaceable data and files. Never wait, Never Compromise
Check out our plans and Prices.

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Why Use Us:

True, there are many online tech support services
But when you choose us you get:



We use highly secure software to access your computer from remote. All fixes and tune-ups are done with full transparency while you can watch and monitor the technicians work. We take your privacy and security seriously. Click the link below to better understand our privacy policy


Contact us at any time! Within a few minutes a certified technician will be available to you for anything you may need. No fall-back receptionists! Only technicians 24/7. Why carry your computer around town searching for the closest repair shop when you can have your computer fixed while sipping coffee in your kitchen


Our Technician team are all experts in Windows, Internet connection, Browser and File security, Registry errors and safe instalments and un-instalments. Our technicians have piled years of hands-on experience and have all been trained and certified so you can get the most professional service possible

Our Process

Our Process is as easy as it gets
It does not require any computer or technical knowledge



Call our Toll-Free number and speak to an expert within a minute



Connect your PC to the technician's station so they can work their magic



The Technician will run a full comprehensive examination of you PC



If you haven't already chosen a Plan on the site, you will do so at this point



If you haven't already chosen a Plan on the site, you will do so at this point



Enjoy 100% security and PC optimization during your service plan

About Premium PC Tech

Why Online Tech Support?

When you’re having trouble with your computer, you have two basic choices.

One choice is to fix the problem yourself, which if you are not computer savvy can create severe damage to your files and personal information. Self-help troubleshooting guides can lead you to download Malware and viruses disguised as “PC Optimization Programs”. These, cosmetically clean your computer, leaving all the bad stuff running while adding their own Spyware so they can collect your data and abuse it..

The other choice is to get someone else to fix it for you in a repair shop. You then run the risk of paying piles of money and losing precious time while having no control over who does what on your computer.

Or, Choose OUR option: Online Remote Computer Repair, which connects you directly to a certified technician online who can work under your supervision and provide tools and advice on how to actually keep your computer safe, smooth and fast.

Our Goal

Premium PC Tech is the best Tech-Support service online. We provide costumers all over the world with experienced caring and communicative technicians who are heavily motivated to take on the most complex and challenging issues you can through their way

Our goal is to provide our costumers the best Tech-Support one can get without having them waste time commuting to the nearest computer lab, or having to second guess what was actually performed on their computer while hidden the machine was hidden in the back of the shop. All this while saving you, our consumer, hundreds of dollars in repair fees. Our process is extremely thorough and enables you to prolong the life of your computer by years, while enjoying the same speed and performance you enjoyed when you first pulled the computer from its box.

  • Certified Technicians
  • Top-shelf Service
  • Long-lasting solutions
  • Flexible plans and services

Get to Know us

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Pricing Plans Premium PC Tech

All plans are limited to one year from date of purchase.For more info see Terms & Conditions

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Service per 1 PC*

For more information read about Our Services

Tune-up Only

Tune-up Ticket

$ 99.99

  • One Time Fee

Basic Support Package

5 Tune-up Tickets

$ 149.99

  • One Time Fee

Full PC Fix

One Time Fix

$ 199.99

  • One Time Fee

Advanced Package

OTF + 3 Tune-up tickets

$ 249.99

  • One Time Fee

Silver Support Package

OTF + 6 Tune-up tickets

$ 299.99

  • One Time Fee

3 PCs One Time Fix

OTF Package

$ 299.99

  • One Time Fee

*Except for '3 PCs One Time Fix' package. 'OTF' stands for 'One-Time Fix'


Here is some important data you should find useful

Most Common PC Issues



When your computer came out of the box, the settings were optimized and compatible with software to provide the best experience possible. After heavy or ill-advised usage your computer becomes stacked with “bloatware” which doesn’t serve your needs and operates in the background. In addition Viruses and Malware are installed either inadvertently while installing software or by downloading from shady websites or email messages.
Other than just suffering from a slow jittery frustrating experience you are also running the risk of exposing your personal and financial data to sources you are unaware of. This can lead to financial fraud or worst setting your private photos and emails free into the web.
Assuming you’ve passed on fixing the problem yourself, you’re left with the our option:Online Remote Computer Repair, which connects you directly to a certified technician online who can not only work on your computer while you are watching but can provide tools and advice on how to actually keep your computer safe, smooth and fast. Ask us about including tech support warranty after your computer turns back time and returns to its super form from the time it was purchased.
We can usually complete the most complex fixes within 24 hours. If your PC reaches a point of no repair you will receive your money back guaranteed.

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